Friday, April 24, 2009

fun finds...

Hope everyone had a lovely week... I thought it would be fun if I mentioned a few fun things I purchased this past week. It all began on Saturday when I ran into an old friend who also has a thing for comfortable cute shoes... She told me about these Calvin Klein wedges that were oh so comfortable and i had to go and check it out. She was right... I have worn them almost every day this week. Then I made a trip down town to Art & Light to visit a fabulous artist who makes super unique jewelry. I have wanted one of her number 2 necklaces ever since I met her last year at art in the park and bought my green flower necklace. Check out her etsy store wingodesigns. We then received another shipment in my store of Moroccan Oil Products which I use daily to help with the humidity and last but not least I had to have one of the new handbags from drika.b that I have in my store. Love it all!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I will be running the Greer Earth Day half marathon tomorrow morning then you can find me here at my shop until 3.


  1. I was just checking in with my fav creative blogs...You, T, B and M...and I see you wearing your new 2! yippee...hope you enJOY!
    by the way...I need to come see you for some of that suntan spray! I just don't like it when it gets too hot for blue jeans...ugh!!
    Have a great run and weekend!!