Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thigh high...O my!

Will be pants be a thing of the past for fall???
The Ultimate Fashion trend is to be wearing a pair of
thigh-high boots this fall/winter
I am not sure I will be able to be able to pull off this trend
but I'm thinking about it...

some super sexy boots would be super cute with a soft sweater dress...

will you be buying a pair and what are you going to wear with them?

Have a great day


  1. i like the concept but, i'm not brave enough. maybe if i lived in nyc....

  2. you would look fabulous like this.......I on the other hand don't need any extra attention drawn to my luscious thighs......;)

  3. hahaha you crack me up. I agree with Kelley if I lived in NYC I def. rock these boots out... Becca Maybe a little to much for Greenville

  4. you might get arrested if you sported these in downtown greenville...ha!