Monday, September 14, 2009

psst...a little gossip

well as I blogged about a few weeks ago - I was counting down the days till the Ana Sui line would be in my local Target store on 9/13. I got up super early ran my ten miles, went to my local Starbucks for some coffee and was waiting for the doors to open at 8am. To my dismay there were no Ana Sui clothing in sight so I left empty handed. I guess Target must not have been aware of how awesome it was for her line to be in the store (hehe). After a google search, a phone call to target and several hours of cleaning my house it suddenly appeared (Yipee).
Just as I expected it was fabulous - boho meets rocker style. I purchased the top above and dress. I know this all sounds silly but it the little things like a cute fabulous dress that makes everything better (some days)... Have a wonderful Monday and don't forget we are now open Monday - Friday 9 until 6
for your beauty and fashion needs...
xo becca
Gossip Girl premier tonight at 9:00

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