Friday, September 25, 2009

this I love in the fall...

Fall is my favorite time of the year and when we
have hot days like we are having
I do get a little home sick for the north...
Here are a few of my favorite things ...

I have always loved hats...this is a new black hat with white stitching that
will be fun to wear in the fall...and I do not know why but I have a fascination
and love for black and gray striped tops...strange I know but I love all of them

I love getting my one big bag of candy corns
who does not love this Fall candy...

I love that I finally am able to find a bag of macintosh apples
that are crisp and yummy not mushy
we always ate these in the fall back home...
Oh and I love looking at them on my super cute plates - a gift from
my girlfriend at Knack

I love anything knit or crochet - I bought these last weekend
at the art festival downtown...

I hope you have a great is good but very busy right
now for which I am thankful... My Husband is traveling on business
this weekend and I already miss him bunches...maybe I will take a
drive to Ashville or do something fun this weekend.

chat with you next week...

xo becca

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