Wednesday, February 3, 2010

hair how to...

Here is a favorite easy to do
but look like a million bucks
style idea...

The How-To:
1. Gently towel-dry the hair and spray with texture spray throughout.
2. Next, gently rough dry the hair, moving your hands in
various directions to create texture.
Once dry, create a center part or side part and divide tresses into four sections
(sides, back crown and nape).

3. Starting at the nape area, alternate between
1-inch and 1½-inch ceramic curling irons, taking "V" shaped partings.

4. Wrap hair around the inside of the barrel, holding for 10 seconds
then gently release the curl.
With each alternating curl, slide your fingers up the curl
to gently create a soft, back-combing effect.

5. After finishing the entire head,
use your fingers to add extra texture spray to loosen the curls
for a natural effect.

you look marvelous...

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