Tuesday, February 16, 2010

salon 864 & boutique buzz...

I wanted to take a moment and say how thankful I am.
I am thankful to be able to own my own business and
spend each and every day doing what I love.
I have the most wonderful clients
and even though were not on "Main Street"
I love being in an Industrial part of town where
the train goes by several times a day.
I love when clients come in and say It's their
favorite little (secret) shopping place.
I also love when you come back in wearing
your favorite pieces you purchased at my store.

Many of my clients know me well and know I have
been on a little adventure of my own to find a perfect
product line for my shop. Education is so important
to my staff and I and I wanted to find a company that would
not only have fabulous products but support us
in education - after going through a long approval process -
I am pleased and grinning ear to ear to say
as of March we will be joining the
Bumble and bumble network of salons

We would like to invite you to stop in
March 18th
between 4 & 7 pm
Try out all of our new Bb products as well as our new spring fashions
15% off your first Bb purchase (this night only)

refreshments will be provided

stay tuned for more info...
I am so excited for your to try out this product!!!

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