Monday, February 22, 2010

spring dress alternative...

"my personal dress option for spring"
J Crew

short full skirts
are going to be popping up everywhere this spring.
I was not sure if I loved this trend at first but I purchased one skirt and
I am so excited about all the options I have.
Dress it up or down & can even be worn with tights
and yes girls...
Leggings under skirts will be a big trend this spring too.
We have some cute gray & brown shorter leggings
available at salon 864 & boutique
for only $13.50.

Happy Monday to you...


  1. i can't get enough of little full skirts right now...these are so cute!

  2. i am digging each and every one of these looks! can't wait to get some sun (real, damaging sun--not tan in a bottle sun) on these white pasty legs so i can wear a skirt or two!