Friday, March 26, 2010

Here we come...

Not only will us girls be
attending ABS but we have VIP tickets
to the stylist choice awards Sunday night

photos from last year ABS

Taking the girls to my favorite Italian place to eat

looking forward to learning a lot and being totally inspired

shopping of course is first on Saturday (giggle)

I heart Sephora - to bad for us we don't have one

this is where i bought my first pair or Puma's -
always stop in to see what's new

It's just my tradition to get coffee at this corner bakery
across the street from Anthro.


We've packed our Winter Clothes and plenty of
Scarf's to keep us toasty in the Windy City this weekend...
Hope everyone has a good weekend
Stay tuned to my personal FB
if you want to know what is going on in Chicago at the show

Chat with you next week...

xo Becca

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  1. i do not appreciate your commenting on my blog. I have had someone translate what you have said. Please do not leave me comments in the future - I am trying to block you