Friday, March 5, 2010

my eyes hurt...

Of course you can probably already
guess where these beauties are from
yes...Anthro - I have been sitting here
starring at all these spring pieces
and their unique details...

I am pretty much loving everything
they have on line right now but
here are just a few of my personal

this is so precious...a little necklace
the flowers are
made from tattered chiffon

I think this is such a pretty hat
for spring - I especially like
the avocado
ribbon tied in a pretty bow

Sea Stripes two-piece
with the coolest details

this lemon yellow jacket would be a great pop of color
over just about anything...especially white denim

a tunic
(a must have for summer)
hey - you could even throw it
over your bathing suit.

and another ruffle sweater
we can drool over...
I love the name they gave it
"curly top"

I hope you have a fabulous weekend.
I think everyone will be excited to
finally be out in some spring weather.
We will be here at the shop Saturday
10 - 3 if you want to pop in...

xo Rebecca