Monday, August 30, 2010

street style...

I am getting ready for my
trip to NYC in a few weeks...
I always love to see
how everyone expresses their style...

Here are a few pics I found that
are totally something I would wear
or want to wear...

I actually love that her leggings are
the perfect below her knee length
and such pretty shoes...

so French... Love

this is so something I would wear
especially in the Fall
(love all the layers and how they fall on one another)

If I lived in NYC I would totally wear this!!!
I want to wear this!!!
If I looked like that I would totally wear
Love how her scarf is tied -
most of the time that is how I wear mine...

Love this boho look
This denim remind me of my level 99 Wide Legs
I adore them...

lots of layers
love them...

Hope you have a great day
be inspired...

xoxo rebecca

1 comment:

  1. ooh, great stuff! you could have said that first picture was you and i would have believed it!

    loooove the third and fourth pics!