Wednesday, September 8, 2010

hot hair...

Not one style will flatter everybody...
and who wants to look like everyone else anyhow...

I love the change of seasons
and Fall is a great time to
update your style...

Here are a few of ideas
that are inspiring to me
and I hope you see something
that will inspire you...

ok...this cut (not color) is where
I am heading with my hair...
I found this photo a week ago and have it posted
somewhere in the shop - reminding me not to chop on my hair
(haha) now you can hold me accountable
I love the choppiness of this cut
and it's just long enough to be able to curl or put up

this is a lovely haircut with
lots of layers and lots of options...

I may have posted this photo before
but this is my favorite male hairstyle
a trendy razor cut that can be
worn so many!!!

this look would be good on fine hair

a little bit of layering on curly hair
is always flattering...

simple and elegant
love the bangs

a great option for short hair...

hope this gives you lots of ideas...

"Fashion fades, only style remains the same." coco chanel

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