Thursday, October 14, 2010

fall...what i love

fall is my all time favorite season
it is when i feel the best
i certainly miss NY state in the fall
with our back and forth temps
here in the south...

i eat an apple every day but i especially
love apple season and a friend brought me
a bucket full of gala apples this week...
so grateful and excited about eating them
and i may make a little pan of apple crisp (yum)

love to watch as the leaves change color
and I really hope I still have some time to take a scenic
drive to Asheville (maybe next weekend)

i love hot cider
have not had any this year but there is still time

my favorite fall candy is pumpkin candy corn
Jessica came in today and brought me a little bag
and I had to give her a hug...haha

and of course there is always Spinx runfest
Oct 30th this year...
I changed and am only doing the half this year
life has been a bit crazy and the heat killed me this summer
will do another full marathon after the holidays...

hope you have a lovely weekend
we will be open at the shop
friday 9-6 and sat 10-3

chat next week


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