Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hair Mag's are not always the only
place to look for hair inspiration...
I look at every catalog and magazine out there
here are a few that I have ripped out over the year
and put on my personal inspiration board...

i remember seeing this in the anthro catalogue
a few years ago - then i started wearing
two headbands and loved...

urban outfitters has great
ideas for longer hair

more anthro inspiration

this is the photo I used
when I went from really long hair
to a bob a few years back...
I still love this haircut

so pretty for a garden wedding...maybe

I always love this style
it is classic but modern

a casual updo idea

so start tearing out those pages
and bring them to your stylist next time you
want to change your look...or even if you
are not ready for a new haircut - this
is a great way to find ideas for
styling & accessorizing your hair

have a happy hair day...

xo ~ Rebecca

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