Tuesday, February 15, 2011

snow white...

so pretty & feminine...

i picked up this sweet little dress in
the $30 dollar basket at a cozy little store
in the east village on my recent NYC trip...
will be fun to see how many different ways i can wear

this little dress has been in my closet now
for several years...found it at h&m and have never
worn it (i feel terrible) i am planning on wearing it soon!!!

the fun thing about these dresses
is you can pair it with anything from your
fav. heels - boots - or chucks...why not...

use your imagination

simple but o so pretty...could even be belted

"white to wear" is definitely a man fashion slogan of the coming spring/summer
and i fully agree with In style magazine...makes you feel like you should be strolling along the cobblestone streets in Europe."

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