Monday, September 7, 2009

NYC memories...

just got back from a fun NYC trip with my husband and friends...
here a few of my memories...

meeting Emmett McCarthy Project Runway (season two) his
studio boutique is cool and it was fun to see what he wanted/made me to try on
and wear for my saturday alternative (he called it)...
He also told me not to come crying if he sells my dress.

A slice of mushroom pizza from Ninos (super yummy)

my favorite little Italian place to eat on Mulberry street
I have been eating here for years... Super yummy also

One of the things I most love about NY is you can be yourself and wear
whatever you want... This outfit was kind of backwards but I love walking and looking
at all of the lovely people and their choice of outfits (so inspiring to me) This
outfit is not in the category. (sorry)

cool artwork

going to the US Open and watching so many great tennis players

dinner with friends...I laughed so hard all week I am still recovering
from a headache...

My husband tommy - He is the one who planned this special trip
for me. Happy Birthday to me (thank you babe)

my favorite brand of shoe to buy in the city... I'll share pics later

super hot cuffs all over the city...and to think I have been wearing them for a while now and love... here is a pic. and we carry these same ones (leather for $12.00)

and last but not least my hubby -
yes he totally took over for this man
and actually sold comic books for him...

Hope you don't mind me sharing these fun memories with ya...
xo becca


  1. ohhhh!!!! looks like such a great trip!! glad you had so much fun

  2. yes it is always great - and i know you know this :-) I always hate to come inspiring